Ancient Egypt: Music in the Age of the Pyramids

ancient egypt music in the age of the pyramids
Ancient Egypt: Music in the Age of the Pyramids
Publication date: 2006
Author: Rafael Pérez Arroyo, Syra Bonet, Hathor Ensemble
Genre: Ancient Egyptian music / Musicological reconstruction
Format: mp3 192 kbps
Size: 85 MB
Language: Ancient Egyptian

In collaboration with Syra Bonet, musicologist Rafael Pérez Arroyo, former director of the acclaimed Sony Hispánica collection, has just released the first fruit of many years of research into the music of Ancient Egypt. The result is a spectacular CD entitled Music in the Age of Pyramids, performed by Arroyo’s Hathor Ensemble. Realization of the music by Arroyo was based on study of the metric structure of hymns which survive in writing, discussion of music theory from heiroglyphics, sonic descriptions by ancient authors, and iconography. Arroyo has also made an effort at decoding a partial chironomy (hand gestures, the same source claimed for Biblical music), and discovered three basic modes for Ancient Egyptian music.

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