Latvian-Livonian-English Phrase Book

latvian-livonian-english phrase bookLatvian-Livonian-English Phrase Book
Author: Valda Šuvcāne, Ieva Ernštreite
Publisher: Eraksti
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 9984-771-74-1
Number of pages: 69
Format: PDF/excellent
Size: 424.34 KB

Latvian-Livonian-English Phrase Book
The Livonian language is gradually becoming non-existant. In the first half of the 20th century it was still used as a spoken language in Kurzeme sea coast fishermen’s families and communities. It was taught in the local schools. However, the practical use of the Livonian language decreased fast in the second half of this century due to political and social reasons. As a result of two world wars and the following occupation, the Livonian community broke up. Individual Livonian
language speakers lived in different parts of Latvia and abroad. There were no more Livonian families where the parents could speak their native language and teach their children to use it.
Currently, the non-governmental organisation “Līvõd Īt” (Livonian Union) and the state administrative territory “Līvõd Rānda” (Livonian Coast) are carrying on their activities to represent the Livonians and their descendants who are aware of their origin, but cannot use their own language.
The number of these people does not exceed 200.Three singing groups – “Līvlist”, “Kāndla”, and “Vīm” – sing in Livonian. Now and then Livonian melodies are included in “Skandinieki” concert programmes. Songs and singing seem to
be a better way to preserve the language longer than daily social activities.
It has been anticipated that by the beginning of the 21st century there will be not more than ten families in the world whose native language is Livonian. Apart from them, there will be a few people having learnt Livonian as a foreign language. This language will be mostly used by scientists and linguists at universities and for scientific research.
The aim of this small phrase book is to help those interested in the Livonian spoken language, vocabulary and grammar.

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