Burmese An Introduction to the Literary Style(only audio)

burmese an introduction to the literary style
Burmese An Introduction to the Literary Style(only audio)
Author: John Okell
Series: Southeast Asian Language Text
Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-87580-645-7
Number of pages: 264
Format: MP3 excellent
Size 111Mb

Burmese has two styles of speaking and writing: the colloquial style, which is used for talking to friends and for writing letters, and the literary style, which is used in more formal contexts, such as academic articles, newspaper reports, and narrative passages in fiction. This volume, one of four in the complete language course, introduces learners to the literary style. It assumes a prior knowledge of Burmese script and a grounding in the colloquial style.
Okell starts with simple sentences and, over a series of short lessons, gradually increases the range of vocabulary and the level of complexity. The texts Okell uses for study are excerpts from Burmese children’s schoolbooks, highlighting themes of home- and school-life and Burmese nationalism and independence. Each passage is accompanied by a full translation and is followed by a set of exercises designed to familiarize the reader with the new vocabulary and sentence structures. Downloadable audio files allow students to hear the texts read aloud. Language professors and their students or those learning Burmese on their own will appreciate the accessible approach and manageable size of the lessons in this very practical textbook series.


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