An English – Latvian – Liv Dictionary

an english - latvian - liv dictionary

An English – Latvian – Liv Dictionary
Author: Ērika Krautmane, Professor Emeritus Tiit-Rein
Publisher: LLTA „Lauku ceļotājs
Publication date: 2010
Number of pages: 10
Format / Quality: PDF/excellent
Size: 400KB

This abridged descriptive English – Latvian – Liv dictionary has been produced by the Country Traveller (Lauku ceļotājs) organisation with support from the POLPROP-NATURA 2009-2001 (LIFE07ENV/LV/00981) project of the European Commission’s Life Programme.

The Liv language has not been spoken at the everyday conversational level for nearly 100 years. The aim of the dictionary is to show the Liv version of Latvian words that are used on an everyday basis – names of homesteads, place names, foods, holidays, etc., so that they can be used in tourism materials, marketing efforts, and support for the Liv identity. Many former Liv place names and other words have been lost or transmogrified over the course of time. These have been left in the Latvian original.


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