ECPE Practice Examinations Book 2 : SB

ECPE Practice Examinations Book 2 : SB
Publisher: American Union
Publication date: 2010
Number of pages: 223
Format / Quality: rar–>PDF, mp3
Size: 75Mb/39Mb/40Mb/45Mb/48Mb

ECPE Book 2, Practice Examinations includes eight (8) complete practice tests which accurately reflect the level of difficulty (C2 level), content and format of the ECPE, providing a valuable resource for students.

Eight complete practice tests (Listening, Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Speaking)

Vocabulary review activities after each test (PDF) (CD1) (CD2) (CD3) (CD4) (PDF) (CD1) (CD2) (CD3) (CD4) (PDF) (CD1) (CD2) (CD3) (CD4)

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