Junior European Language Portfolio (with Teacher’s Guide)

Junior European Language Portfolio (with Teacher’s Guide)
Publisher: CILT
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 1904243487
Number of pages: 40 +32
Format / Quality: PDF, DOC
Size: 2 MB

The European Language Portfolio (ELP) is:

a means of celebrating language-learning and intercultural experiences;
an open-ended record of children’s achievements in languages;
addressed to and is the property of the learner;
a valuable source of information to aid transfer to the next class or school.

It comprises:

My Language Biography – a personalised learning diary making children aware of their achievements as they learn.
My Dossier – where learners can file work and materials to illustrate the achievements recorded in the Language Biography or Language Passport.
My Language Passport – an overview of the learner’s
knowledge and experiences of different languages, including
cultural experiences.

An accompanying revised Teacher’s guide (third edition) is also available. This provides teachers with more practical help on using the ELP in the classroom and gives background information about the principles of the ELP.

The revised edition:

reflects the content of the new national KS2 Framework for Languages;
includes self-assessment grids which mirror the new Languages Ladder;
offers children the opportunity to fill in the Language Passport electronically.


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