Treetops Class Book 1

treetops class book 1

Treetops Class Book 1
Format / Quality: PDF
Size: 43 MB

4-part course for junior primary school classes, comply with all guidelines of the new core curriculum and designed to classes where they teach the children 6 – and 7-year, therefore fitted with an exceptionally rich workbook and supplementary materials.
Each course level is the material for 60 lessons.
Treetops combines learning English with other lessons in the junior classes of primary school and teach values such as concern for the environment, and help others.
Rates for all seasons:
Arrangement of material and themes Treetops Treetops a starter and combine with the different seasons of the year, so that:
* What children learn in English classes always refers to the world around them (for example, children learn colors of autumn autumn forest.)
* Teacher has the opportunity to teach children awareness of the surrounding nature and the need to protect the environment.
* Lessons can be added to projects on ecological issues.
The course, which changes and matures with children:
* Treetops Treetops a starter and move children into an enchanted forest populated by elves, so English classes are filled with amazing stories in developing pupils’ imagination.
* Treetops 2 and 3 show the children the real world and learn cultures, geography and history of Britain, developing the pupils’ curiosity about the world.
The course, which got a nice look and listen:
* Song performed by the Abbey Choir, and recorded in collaboration with the BBC bear the detailed instructions for the teacher, so that all the important words occurring in them were supported by appropriate gestures. In this way the children will long remember the song.
* The soundtrack to the stories recorded by the BBC turns them into compelling drama, and a special “story cards” for the teacher include suggestions on ways to tell the story in class.
* Learning new words is supported by a poster depicting the title tree with a special pocket for ‘flashcards’. Children waiting for the new words as a surprise, so they are focused and faster to memorize vocabulary.
The course, which adapts to the needs of each child, each class and each teacher:
* Teacher’s book to the Treetops 1 includes a section with exercises devoted to the needs of 6-year olds. This makes it easier to work in the classroom in which children learn together 6 – and 7-year-old.
* Exercise in fascicles Special pages Plus for children who learn quickly and need additional training, would not be bored in class.
* A wealth of additional material allows for planning an entirely different lesson from the various classes in the implementation of the same subject.

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