Reading German (CD-ROM)

Reading German (CD-ROM)
Author: Joerg Roche
Publisher: The University of British Columbia
Publication date: 1996
Format / Quality: iso
Size: 151 Mb

Reading German represents the efforts of Joerg Roche and his team to create a CD-ROM-based program for learners interested in acquiring only a reading knowledge of German.

The program consists of two parts: a general introduction and a subject-specific component. Learners are taught reading and learning strategies and are trained to understand texts rather than to translate them. They must complete the Introduction and thereafter may select one of the other four disciplines that match their interests: Business, Chemistry, Humanities, Music.

All of the topics are comprised of five groups and each group is subdivided into five levels. The levels and groups progressively become more challenging. The Introduction includes a sixth group that consists only of one level, which explains how to use a dictionary effectively. While students do not have to follow the sequence of groups and levels, it is generally advisable that they do.


Remarks: Although the introductory lessons may appear pretty basic, I personally find this CD very useful and one of a kind for people who have recently started learning German. If you want to improve your reading and understanding skills rather than learn a bunch of colloquial phrases, then it’s for you.

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