Describing Language (2nd edition)

Describing Language (2nd edition)
Author: David Graddol, Jenny Cheshire and Joan Swann
Publisher: Open University Press
Publication date: 1 Sep 1994
ISBN: 978-0335193158
Number of pages: 250
Language: English

Format / Quality: PDF/Scan – good
Size: 27 MB

A student introduction to descriptive linguistics, Describing Language is essentially practical in its orientation. It is useful for anyone who wishes to refer to technical literature involving linguistic description, who requires a basic conceptual framework and technical vocabulary with which to discuss language, and who needs to make elementary but principled descriptions and analyses of real data (such as classroom interaction or counselling sessions). Topics covered include phonetics, prosody, word structure, syntax, text and discourse structure, word and utterance meaning, and non-verbal behaviour.

Includes an accessible introduction to both Chomsky’s Universal Grammar and Halliday’s Systemic Grammar. It is an invaluable textbook for students across the social sciences.


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