Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology

tibetan-english dictionary of buddhist terminology
Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology
Author: Tsepak Rigzin
Publisher: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 8185102880
Number of pages: 306
Format: pdf
Size: 20,3 MB

“This is a Tibetan-to-English dictionary based on ‘The Great Volume of Precise Understanding’ (Mahavyutpatti)–a Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary commissioned by King Tri Ralpachen in the 9th century–and supplemented from works of Tibetan lamas. 6,000 main entries and over 8,000 subentries, with Sanskrit equivalents where possible. Entries are given in Tibetan script only. This new edition has been revised and enlarged 40%.”
Note: I didn’t scan this. There probably are some pages missing. Though, I think, not from the dictionary itself.

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