A Grammar of the Dogon of Beni (Ben Tey)

a grammar of the dogon of beni ben tey?

A Grammar of the Dogon of Beni (Ben Tey)
Author: Jeffrey Heath
Publisher: University of Michigan
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: xxxxx
Number of pages: 335

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
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1.1 Dogon languages

This work is part of a larger project on a number of Dogon languages, beginning with Jamsay. Dogon is a family of perhaps twenty languages, though no complete survey has been undertaken. The family is considered to be part of the vast Niger-Congo family, which includes Bantu, Mande (e.g. Bambara and Boso), and West Atlantic (e.g. Fulfulde), but to date it has not been shown to be particularly close to any other Niger-Congo branch.

1.2 Beni language

The present language is spoken in the following locations that are wellseparated from each other, allowing only sporadic contact (xx1). (xx1)

a. villages of Beni and (to a lesser extent) nearby Gamni. Beni is about 3 km south and southeast of Dianwely Maoudé, a market town that itself is some 13 km south of Douentza. Beni is around N 14º 52´ by W 2º 57´, Gamni around N 14º 51´ by W 2º 50´.

b. village of Komboy, about 6 km south of Douentza, at the base of the same mountain ridge as the village of Fombori (2 km from Douentza).

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