Igbo: Basic Course

Igbo: Basic Course
Author: L. B. Swift, A Ahaghotu, E. Ugorji
Publisher: FSI
Publication date: 1962
Number of pages: 512
Format / Quality: pdf(RS) – zip – Excellent quality + mp3(megaupload)
Size: 299MB

A basic course was prepared on the speech of two members of the ezinehite group of igbos in eastern nigeria. The essential phonological and grammatical structures of igbo are presented within a small vocabulary of approximately 600 items. The course materials consist of (1) tone drills, (2) 24 units of dialogs, notes, and drills, (3) six units of dialogs and short narratives, and (4) vocabulary. The speech of the igbo authors is recorded on accompanying tapes. The dialogs of the 30 units are presented in 4 columns of (1) pronunciation, (2) structure, (3) spelling, and (4) english. The structure column contains parenthetical notes concerning the tone class membership of nouns or verbs, other grammatical categories, and a respelling of utterances. The spelling column presents the same utterances in the igbo orthography. The english column presents a literal translation. The course has been extensively revised and expanded since its first experimental use in an intensive 12-week class. The material is planned for use with a native speaker as instructor. (rs)


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