Nembe-English Dictionary

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Nembe-English Dictionary
Author: M.H.I. Kaliai
Publisher: University of Ibadan Press
Publication date: 1964/2008
ISBN: xxxxxxx
Number of pages: 341

Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 1,84MB

The present Nembe dictionary is a revised and expanded version of the Nembe dictionary published by
M.H.I. Kaliai at the University of Ibadan in 1964. died in early January 2005, with it still unpublished.
During the 1990s, the manuscript was typed without alteration into an Apple-based system under the
auspices of the late Professor Kay Williamson. The files transferred to an IBM system in the early 2000s, but
without any conversion of the character codes. This was only partly successful, and several sections of the
dictionary became corrupted. In order to make the manuscript available, I have therefore joined together the
fragments of the electronic manuscript and converted the diacritics to a single system. Checking of scientific
names and additional typing of corrupted electronic files was done by Dr. Carole Pegg and Dr. Martin
Walsh. I hope the results are consistent, but errors may still remain. In 2008, the availability of an extended
Times Roman Unicode font, made it possible to have the entire file in a single consistent font and the whole
manuscriopt was converted yet again. Manuscript notes made by Professor Williamson on a copy of the
original dictionary were added to the text. The original addendum to the published work, with words and
expressions omitted has now been edited into the main text. I have also corrected other obvious errors,
checked and updated scientific names and reformatted the headings. I have added additional etymologies
where they were known to me and substituted updated scientific names. Descriptions of musical instruments
and dance are based on my own original fieldwork.


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