Albanian English Etymological Dictionary

Albanian Etymological Dictionary? Albanian English Etymological Dictionary
Author: Vladimir Orel
Number of pages: 672
Format: pdf
Size: 290 Mb
Publication date: 1998

Albanian was proven to be an Indo-European language in 1854 by the German philologist Franz Bopp. The Albanian language comprises its own branch of the Indo-European language family, next related to Armenian and Greek.
Some scholars believe that Albanian derives from Illyrian, while others claim that it derives from Daco-Thracian.
Establishing longer relations, Albanian is often compared to Balto-Slavic on the one hand and Germanic on the other, both of which share a number of isoglosses with Albanian. Moreover, Albanian has undergone a vowel shift in which stressed, long o has fallen to a, much like in the former and opposite the latter. Likewise, Albanian has taken the old relative jos and innovatively used it exclusively to qualify adjectives, much in the way Balto-Slavic has used this word to provide the definite ending of adjectives. (
This dictionary is an very useful tool for examining ie. words and word forms. It mentions words from many other european languages. It also has added bookmarks for easier word finding.

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