Albanian Verb Dictionary and Manual

albanian verb dictionary and manual?Albanian Verb Dictionary and Manual
Author: Geoff Husić
Publisher: University of Kansas Libraries
Publication date: 2007
Number of pages: 236
Format: PDF
Size: 6929 KB

The goal of this work is to serve as a tool for students of standard Albanian, based on the Tosk dialect, providing a ready-reference source to the complete conjugation in all tenses and moods of many of the most common verbs in their standard forms. This work was prompted by frustration caused by trying to construct the complete conjugations of Albanian verbs according to the available Albanian grammars and dictionaries [see Bibliography]. Many grammars present elaborate classification schemes for Albanian verbs according to conjugation type, which is very helpful for understanding the dynamics of the changes in verb stems and endings. However, Mann and Çamaj both base these patterns primarily on Geg forms, while making references to the Tosk (the current standard). This, of course, becomes confusing for anyone attempting to use these grammars to learn what is now considered the standard.
Furthermore, in these two grammars, as well as in Newmark (which does use standard forms) verb patterns and their associated tenses and moods are spread over many pages, with notes on exceptional forms not always conspicuous. Çamaj’s extensive notes on Old Albanian and Arberësht forms make it difficult to locate standard forms at a glance. Eintrei is somewhat better in respect to ease of usage, however it exists only in Russian. With no exaggeration, it occasionally requires thumbing through all four grammars and several dictionaries to arrive at the complete conjugation of some verbs, and even at that point there are often lingering doubts spawned by certain conflicting information, due to heretofore unsettled issues in standardization, even in sources going by the standard. It is my hope that this manual will be a useful tool in mastering the Albanian verb.


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