Gramatika dhe Fjalor – DotLingo Albanian Notes

Gramatika dhe Fjalor – DotLingo Albanian Notes
Author: Blair Fraser
Number of pages: 31

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Gramatika dhe Fjalor
DotLingo Albanian Notes
by Blair Fraser – 31 pages
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Mësimi i përgatitor 1
The Albanian Alphabet
Days of the Week
The Numbers Zero to Ten
Subject Pronouns
Mësimi i parë 4
Definite and Indefinite nouns
The Numbers 11-29
The Present Indicative of the Verb Jam
Telling Time
Mësimi i dytë 8
Present Indicative of the Regular -j Verbs
Present Indicative of the Verb Kam
More Numbers
Mësimi i tretë 11
Denite form of Masculine Singular Nouns
Denite form of Feminine Singular Nouns
Forms of Regular Plural Nouns
Mësimi i katërt 14
Ordinal Numbers
Possessive Pronouns
Asking Questions
Forming the Continuous Present with Po
Mësimi i pestë 17
The Adjective
Demonstrative Pronouns
To Have To and To Want To
The Months of the Year
Mësimi i gjashtë 21
Present Conjugations of Five Common Verbs
Present Indicative of Verbs of the Second Kind
To Be Going To
The Possessive (Genitive) Case of the Noun
Mësimi i shtatë 26
The Forms of the Noun, Part II
Comparisons of Inequality
Comparisons of Equality
The Superlative
Appendix: Supplemental Vocabulary 30

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