Historical Dictionary of Albania (Second Edition)

historical dictionary of albania second edition?Historical Dictionary of Albania (Second Edition)
Author: Robert Elsie
Publisher: Scarecrow Press, Inc
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-8108-7380-3
Number of pages: 663
Format: PDF/excellent
Size: 2,67MB

Historical Dictionary of Albania (Second Edition)
Historical dictionaries are useful books for all countries, but they are more essential for some than others. Albania is a case in point. Never particularly well known by outsiders under earlier regimes, it was deliberately and almost hermetically closed to the outside world during the communist era. Now it has thankfully become free again, its borders are open and it can be visited, and it is increasingly integrating with the rest of Europe and beyond. Nonetheless, it still remains relatively remote,and our knowledge of it is sparse. Worse, some of the things we think we know are wrong. So it takes a lot of effort to learn about Albania, although that was already lessened considerably by the previous edition of this Historical Dictionary of Albania, and will be even more so by the second edition.
This volume takes a long view, presenting the various peoples, regimes, and rulers who shaped its earlier development and the leaders who are now seeking other, more promising directions, although not always successfully. Nonetheless, there has been progress, and it can best be seen by taking a long view, which is one of the strong points of this book. It also takes a very broad view, covering not only history and politics, but also economics and social customs, foreign policy, language, culture, and religion. And it adds a further dimension: the Albanians living outside of the country, whether in neighboring Kosovo or the more distant diaspora. Literally hundreds of entries in the dictionary section are buttressed by a list of acronyms, a chronology, and an introduction. And those who want to learn more about specific topics should consult the impressively large bibliography.
Not surprisingly, the number of foreigners who know Albania is quite limited, and the number of those who have mustered any “expertise” is even more so. We were thus fortunate that both the first and second editions were written by one of that tiny circle, Robert Elsie. Dr.Elsie, along with engaging in extensive studies, has traveled widely in Albania and other places inhabited by Albanians. In recent decades, he has written some 50 books and numerous shorter works on Albania. He has also served as a translator and interpreter of Albanian, most recently before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and presently works for the Hague Tribunal. Few have gained as much insight into the region and its inhabitants, and even fewer can convey their accumulated knowledge as easily and effectively.


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