A Descriptive Grammar of Sumerian

a descriptive grammar of sumerian?A Descriptive Grammar of Sumerian
Author: Abraham Hendrik Jagersma
Publisher: LOT
Publication date: 2010
Number of pages: 776
Format: PDF-zipped
Size: 5,64MB

This grammar has been long in the making. After my graduation in 1988, I wanted to do a PhD on the grammar of the Old Sumerian texts from Lagash, with the aim to write a synchronic grammar of a single Sumerian dialect. Help came from many directions. Theo Krispijn shared with me his lists of verbal forms and his glossary of the Gudea texts. Gebhard Selz was most generous with manuscripts of Old Sumerian texts editions he was working on. In July 1990 the first meeting of the Sumerian Grammar Discussion Group took place, to which Jeremy Black and Joachim Krecher kindly invited me as an interested PhD student. This meeting and those of the following years were an excellent environment to confront my own developing ideas with those of scholars who had studied the various problems for dozens of years: Jeremy Black, Miguel Civil, Dietz Otto Edzard, Daniel Foxvog, Thorkild Jacobsen, Joachim Krecher, Piotr Michalowski, Claus Wilcke, and Mamoru Yoshikawa.


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