The Hittites

the hittites?
The Hittites (a.k.a The Hittites: A Civilization That Changed the World)
Original title: Hititler
Director: Tolga Örnek
Studio: Cinema Epoch
Production: Ekip Film & Digital Ranch, 2003
Runtime: ~129m
Language: English
Format/Encoding: AVI / DX50 + MP3

This is the glorious story of the Hittites – the most powerful people in the Near East of their time. Narrated by Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons, The Hittites brings the fascinating history of this mighty empire to life with expert interviews, stunning cinematography, dramatic reenactments, and visual effects. Highlights include a breathtaking recreation of the controversial battle of Kadesh that decimated the armies of Egypt’s Pharaoh Ramesses II. Based on the actual words of the Hittites, deciphered from ancient clay tablets excavated in the 20th century, their story unfolds as beautifully as it written almost 3500 years earlier.

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