A Dictionary of Modern Linguistic Terms Ar-En En-Ar

a dictionary of modern linguistic terms ar-en en-ar?

A Dictionary of Modern Linguistic Terms Ar-En En-Ar
Author: A Committee of Arab Linguists
Publisher: Librairie du Liban
Publication date: 1983
Languages: Arabic, English
Format: pdf
Number of pages: 240
Size: 4.26 MB

The decision to compile a dictionary of this kind was taken in the year 1975 by a group of Arab linguists from various parts of the Arab World, who were at that time working at or for the Arabic Language Institute of the University of Riyadh … They all felt that the time had come for an attempt to be made to prepare a standardized English-Arabic glossary of linguistic terms; so it was that work began on the project that was to have its final form as A Dictionary of Modern Linguistic Terms.


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