Arabic Made Easy

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Arabic Made Easy
Author: Abul Hashim
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Publication date: 1992
Number of pages: 328
Format: PDF (readable)
Size: 39.19MB (38.54MB)
Target language: Arabic
Source language: English

The book is intended to help learn the Arabic language within the shortest possible time without the least interference with normal life and work. Thorough study of one lesson a week will give working knowledge of Arabic language in fifteen months. Each lesson must be mastered before the next lesson is studied.
Learning a foreign language requires a general idea of grammar. In this book the rules of grammar have been presented in the simplest forms with illustrations to make it easy to understand.
It is expected that the book will give a basic knowledge of Arabic language and will enable the readers to make further study of Arabic language and literature with the of Arabic dictionary.
Abul Hashim, Author’s Preface (p. iii)

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