Let’s Chat In Arabic

lets chat in arabic1?

Let’s Chat In Arabic
Publisher: American University in Cairo
Year: 1986
Format: PDF + DJV + MP3
ISBN-10: 9774241037
Number of pages: 199
Size: 579 MB

An excellent tutorial Egyptian dialect!
The authors – professors at American University in Cairo Mona Kamel and Ahmed Hassanein.
Books translated into Russian . In the audio explanations are given by the authors in English, but very, very clear.
Actually a lot of practical exercises and conversational vocabulary.The grammar is very accessible.
Total 20 lessons.
The book is divided into 2 parts – the first in the PDF, the second – in the DJV. ????? In addition, there is the original text.
The quality is quite readable Sound in MP-3, all could hear
So go ahead, the Egyptians!


book mirror
book mirror
audio part1 by janharry
audio part2 by janharry
audio part3 by janharry
audio part4 by janharry
audio part5 by janharry
audio part1 mirror
audio part2 mirror
audio part3 mirror
audio part4 mirror
audio part5 mirror

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