Modern Standard Arabic. Elementary and Intermediate

modern standard arabic elementary and intermediate?

Modern Standard Arabic. Elementary and Intermediate
Year: 1983
Format: PDF+MP3
ISBN-10: 0521774659
Number of pages: 656
Size: 1.01 GB

This book, Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Course (EMSA), originally developed at Michigan University and written by Peter F. Abboud and Ernest N. McCarus, is the premier introduction, for the English-speaking student, to the active written language of the contemporary Arab world. Expressly designed for the beginning student, the course is written by a team of Arabic language teachers consisting of native and non-native Arabic speakers, linguists and people whose primary interests are literature and allied areas. It implements an audio-lingual approach to language teaching while presenting the elements of Modern Standard Arabic as written and spoken in the contemporary Arab World.

Volume 1 is complete in itself and presents a practical introduction to the writing system of Arabic and to its pronunciation, with reading and writing pronunciation drills. Thirty lessons provide a basic working knowledge of Arabic. Each lesson contains a text, a vocabulary, grammar and drills including oral and written comprehension passages. An Arabic-English glossary completes the volume. The course continues in Volume 2, which extends the knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and expression. Fifteen further lessons are followed by appendices which give reference information.
Part I. Arabic Pronunciation and Writing
Part II. Arabic Grammar and Vocabulary
Arabic-English glossary (also see Caps below for detail)

NOTE: Disregard the comments below. The cover has been changed. This is the correct cover and the correct information concerning this course.

“This text is the most comprehensive and thoroughly designed work of its kind. Students of Arabic may benefit much by the time they absorb its contents, and their knowledge of Arabic will increase immensely since the authors really want students to learn how to communicate in the language.” Northeast Conference Review



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