Faufaua! An Introduction to Tongan

faufaua an introduction to tongan?

Faufaua! An Introduction to Tongan
Publication date: 2009
Number of pages: 393
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 6,64MB

Màlò e lelei! Welcome to the Learning Languages Series resource Faufaua! An Introduction to
Tongan. This communicative language resource provides an integrated package of materials
designed to offer flexible, progressive, entry-level lessons for teachers and students who are
new learners of the Tongan language.
The design of the resource acknowledges the fact that, as for many teachers, this may be your
first association with teaching a Pacific language. It encourages you to adopt the role of the
facilitator in the classroom, learning along with the students and, potentially, learning from
Please don’t worry, and reassure your students so that they don’t worry, if you don’t understand
every aspect of the Tongan culture and some of the Tongan words as you encounter them.
Learners are not expected to understand everything right away.


Remarks: I hope someone post the audio!

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