Maori (Descriptive Grammar)

maori descriptive grammar?Maori (Descriptive Grammar)
Author: Winifred Bauer
Publication date: 1993
Number of pages: 622
Format: PDF-zipped
Size: 2,91MB

available. Today this East Polynesian language of the indigenous people of New Zealand
is under threat and it seems likely that the Maori language of the future will differ quite
considerably from the Maori language of the past. With few inflections, Maori is readily
approached by linguists. It has an elaborate system for the expression of possession, and
while superficially an accusative language, it shows various traces of ergativity. The area
of transitivity in particular provides a number of interesting theoretical problems and
constructions unusual outside the Polynesian family.
Winifred Bauer offers a wide-ranging and detailed description of the structure of the
language, covering syntax, morphology and phonology. There are two main sources of
data: written narrative texts and material from older native-speaking consultants. The
book also includes many comments on current changes in usage.
This descriptive grammar, which is illustrated with a wealth of examples, will be of
interest to both linguistic theoreticians and descriptive linguists, including language
typologists, and provides a resource for the study and resuscitation of the Maori
Winifred Bauer has been involved in linguistic research into the Maori language for
twenty years, and is currently an Honorary Research Fellow in the Linguistics
Department of the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.


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