Peace Corps Madagascar Teacher’s Manual. Language: Sakalava

Peace Corps Madagascar Teacher’s Manual. Language: Sakalava
Authors: Tshiangale, Mupemba Wa, Peace Corps, Antananarivo (Madagascar).
Format: pdf
Size: 3521893 Bytes

This teacher’s manual for Sakalava, a dialect of Malagasy, is designed for the specific language instruction needs of Peace Corps personnel in Madagascar. It is written primarily in French and Sakalava, with some titles in English. It consists of 29 topical lessons, each geared to a specific domain and competency and containing information on needed materials, warm-up exercises, notes on classroom presentation, cultural information, exercises, a brief dialogue, new vocabulary, and exercises on cultural content, grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills. Lesson topics include: personal identification and greetings, food, market shopping, time, calendars, giving and understanding directions, social relationships, daily activities, seasons, health matters, work environment, transportation, and safety and security. A summary chart of domains, competencies, and related vocabulary, grammar, and language functions for the lessons is included.

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