Aspects of Language Variation and Change in Contemporary Basque

aspects of language variation and change in contemporary basque?Aspects of Language Variation and Change in Contemporary Basque
Author: W.F. Haddican
Publisher: New York University
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 374
Format/ Quality: PDF – Excellent
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The first half of this dissertation focuses on language change in a Basque dialect. Following the end of the Franquist dictatorship in 1975, a new Basque standard, Batua, was introduced into Basque schools and media.
Since then, a generation of speakers has grown up exposed to Batua in these domains, which suggests the possibility that younger speakers will borrow features from Batua into their vernacular, leading to change in local dialects.
This dissertation examines variation between Batua and dialectal features in the town of Oiartzun in an effort to
gauge this process of change.


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