Brezhoneg…Buan hag Aes

brezhoneg buan hag aes?

Brezhoneg…Buan hag Aes
Author: Raymond Delaporte
Publisher: Cork University Press
Publication date: 1977
ISBN: 0902561111
Number of pages: 256
Source language: English
Target language: Breton

Format / Quality: PDF /
Size: 4.14mb

This English edition of Brezhoneg buan hag aes, adapted from the French of Per Denez (S.I.R.S OMNIVOX, Paris), aims to supply a need long felt by teachers of Breton to English-speaking students. While excellent books in English are available for theadvanced student of Breton, this is the first book to appear in English for use as an introduction to the study of the Breton language.

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