????????? ???????????? ?????? ?.2 / Bulgarian Etymological Dictionary vol. 2

blgarski etimologichen rechnik t 2 bulgarian etymological dictionary vol 2?????????? ???????????? ?????? ?.2 / Bulgarian Etymological Dictionary vol. 2
Publisher: ???/Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Publication date: 1979
Number of pages: 740
Language: Bulgarian
Format: pdf/good
Size: 356 MB

Vol. II (?–?????̀). ?Compilers: V. I. Georgiev, Y. Zaimov, St. Ilchev, M. Chalakov, Y. Ivanov, D. Mihaylova, V. Anastasov, U. Dukova, M. Racheva, T. Todorov. Participants in discussion: R. Bernar, G. Rikov, E. Mashalova, L. Dimitrova. Editor: V. I. Georgiev. Sofia, Izdatelstvo na BAN, 1979, 740 p.
Only volumes 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 are available online. Vol. 7 was only recently published, the remainder will be published in the future.


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