Pyu reader : a history of Pyu alphabet

pyu reader a history of pyu alphabet?
Pyu reader : a history of Pyu alphabet
Author: U Tha Myat
Publisher: National Printing Works, Rangoon
Publication date: 1963
Number of pages: 92
Format: PDF / good
Size: 9.5 MB (incl. +5% recovery)
Language: Burmese and English, Pyu and Pali in text.

The book shows, in detail, the history of the development of the Pyu alphabet, which is a descendant of the Gupta and Pallava alphabet, comparing it with its ancestral scripts, from Mauryan Brahmi of 2nd cent. BC till Chalukyan alphabet of 10th cent. AD. Also the book contains reproductions of many inscriptions in the Pyu alphabet, with Burmese and Latin transliteration.
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