English – Valencian Conversation guide

english - valencian conversation guide?

English – Valencian Conversation guide
Published: Generalitat Valenciana, 2006
Language: Portuguese / Valencian
Pages: 222
Format: PDF
size: 1.3 Mb

With the purpose of letting everyone who arrives in Valencia due to the 32nd America’s Cup know the Valencian language, we have elaborated this ENGLISH-VALENCIAN CONVERSATION GUIDE, which is intended to be a support for coming into contact for the first time with the language of the Valencian people. We hope that it will be of great help to you as a start for you to get to know our language, to communicate in the Valencian language in everyday situations and discover basic vocabulary related to the sea and sailing.
The guide is structured in a way that it is very easy to find the information that corresponds to a determined conversation. The first block in the content integrates indispensable vocabulary with expressions related to greetings, ways of expressing thanks, personal information and so on. In the second block communicative situations appear with related vocabulary and the most habitual sentences. At the end of the guide you will also be able to find A Basic Dictionary of the Sea and Sailing
Ships. In addition, all the information always appears in English (in normal print), in Valencian (in red print) and in approximated Valencian pronunciation (in italics), according to the criteria of English pronunciation in such a way that you will always be able to know what the exact pronunciation of a word or expression in Valencian is. With this in mind, we offer you the Valencian alphabet in the following pages and a basic rule for pronouncing the accent and the diaeresis



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