Valencian, a Language for the XXIst Century

valencian a language for the xxist century?

Valencian, a Language for the XXIst Century
Author: Pau Giner i Bayarri (coord.)
Publisher: Comite de l’Idioma Valencià
Publication date: –
Number of pages: 122
Format / Quality: PDF – Excellent (in Spanish, English, German, and Valencian)
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The Valencian is a Romance language. It’s spoken by more than two million of persons in the majority of the Valencian territory. In our days it is overcoming a backward process that began in the 18th century, when the Valencian language let of being official and prestigious language after five centuries of officialdom and a great literary production.

It is from the promulgation of the Spanish Constitution (1978) and of the Autonomy Statute of the Valencian Community (1982), when the Valencian language has returned to be official. From this moment has begun a new stage in the one which has been introduced in all the levels of the teaching, in the media (two television channels, several radio networks, press…), in public institutions and even in some private, increasing its social use.

The Language and Literature Section of the Royal Valencian Culture Academy, Public Foundation of the Valencian Deputation, it has been the superintendent with standardising the language publishing the Orthography (1979), the Grammar (1980), a formal documentation (1981) and a Dictionary (1992). On the other hand, every year increase the authors that use the Valencian as customary expression media, and it’s being multiplied the editorial production.

In spite of this great development, the Valencian continues being a practically unknown language outside of our territory. It is this misinformation the reason for which the C.I.V. it has decided to promote the realisation of this dossier.

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