The First English-Aromanian Vlach Dictionary – Profile and Samples

The First English-Aromanian Vlach Dictionary – Profile and Samples
Author: Emil Vrabie
Publisher: N.A.
Publication date: 1988
Number of pages: 16
Format: PDF / ERIC – uneven print quality
Size: 331 KB
The First English-Aromanian (Vlach) Dictionary: Profile and Samples
Emil Vrabie
1988. 16 pp. 331 KB. Uneven print quality
Polysemy – Phrasal Units – Homographs – Idioms – Scope – Sources – Synonyms – Localization – Ending Remarks
A sample of the project follows: (WA- and WH-entries) + Spelling
This paper describes the organization and characteristics of Tache Papahagi’s “Dictionarul dialectului aroman, general si etimologic” (DAA), a bilingual Aromanian (Vlach)-Romanian dictionary published in 1974. It also describes an ongoing project to produce an English-Aromanian dictionary based on the DAA, which should serve as a lexico-semantic tool for researchers who need to approach Aromanian semasiologically. Polysemantic English words are provided with adequate restrictions that define or suggest the meaning of the Aromanian equivalent. English phrasal units with their Aromanian equivalents are entered alphabetically, and English homographs are treated as separate words. English idioms and other bound expressions are included whenever suitable equivalents can be identified. Seven pages of sample English-Aromanian entries are included. (MDM)
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