A Glossary of Cornish Names

a glossary of cornish names?A Glossary of Cornish Names
Author: John Bannister
Publisher: Williams & Norgat
Publication date: 1871
Number of pages: 248
Format: pdf/rar good
Size: 14.8 Mb

The close of the 18th century witnessed the final extinction, as a spoken language, — of the old Celtic vernacular of Cornwall. Dolly Pentreath, who died in 1788, has had the credit of being the last person who could talk and scold in this tongue ; but William Bodenner, who died about the year 1794, at a very advanced age (102, the same as Dolly Pentreath’s), could ” converse with old Dolly,” and ” talked with her for hours together in Cornish”; so says the historian, Polwhele*; and further he says f of Tomson, ” a native of Truro, an engineer or maker of engines for the use of mines,” who, as well as he knew, might be alive when he wrote, ” he knows more, I believe, of the Cornish language than the old lady, whom he celebrated, ever knew.”


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