An Irish-English Dictionary

an irish-english dictionary?An Irish-English Dictionary
Author: Rev. Patrick S. Dinneen
Publisher: The Irish Texts Society
Publication date: 1904
Number of pages: 803
Format: rar -> pdf
Size: 53.7 Mb

This Dictionary of the modern Irish language, with explanations in English, is the outcome of a project conceived a few years ago by the members of the Council of the Irish Texts Society. On the initiation of Mr. G. A. Greene, M.A., then Vice-Chairman of the Council, they decided to compile, with the assistance of Irish speakers and scholars throughout Ireland and Great Britain, and under the direction of competent Editors, a small Irish-English Pocket Dictionary for the use of students of the modern tongue. As a foundation for this work, about 12,000 words were collected from existing glossaries, from the spoken language and from modern writings, and sorted into slip form. The Editors who were asked to carry out the task of editing this material, Father O’Leary and Mr. David Comyn and, at a later stage, Mr. John MacNeill, found them- themselves, selves, through the pressure of other work, unable to fulfil their intention, and the help of Father Dinneen was eventually secured.


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