Hugo Language Course: Scottish Gaelic In Three Months

hugo - scottish gaelic in three months?

Hugo Language Course: Scottish Gaelic In Three Months
Author: Roibeard Ó Maolalaigh, Iain MacAonghuis
Publisher: DK ADULT
Publication date: June 01, 1999
Number of pages: 256
Format: pdf
Size: 30,5MB

Hugo’s world famous method of teaching, which has helped countless students to master a foreign language, is designed to take absolute beginners through out a good working knowledge, enabling them to understand and be understood, in a remarkably short time. The essence of any Hugo Course is simplicity; it is also extremely practical, being designed both to facilitate steady and rapid progress as well as to make language learning enjoyable.

The course on Scottish Gaelic – a language which is still very much alive in the Highlands and Islands – begins with guidance on pronunciation (like “Gaelic Sayings for Everyday) and then goes on to explain the basic elements of grammar. Each lesson contains a number of instructional paragraphs, which are illustrated by model sentences and supported by exercises (with answers) and word lists. Conversational dialogue drill you in everyday spoken tongue, for the authors hope that in addition to learning more academic or ‘literary’ language you will want to put your knowledge to use in a practical way.


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