Author: Altan, D.Dannan, F.Gavin, L.O’Flynn & D. Wilkinson
Publisher: wold network
Publication date: 2008
Format: mp3
Size: 171 MB

bbb101.bbb2 Altan/Con Cossidy’s – Neil Gow’s Highland – Moll and Tiarna – McSweeney’s
bbb102.bbb2 Altan/Yellow Tinker – Lady Montgomery
bbb103.bbb2 Altan/Thugh Me Ruide
bbb104.bbb2 Altan/Ta Mo Chleamhnas A Dheanamh
bbb105.bbb2 Altan/The Curlew – McDermott’s – The Scones of Boxty – Unnamed Reel
bbb106.bbb2 Altan/Tuirse Mo Chroi
bbb107.bbb2 Altan/Paddy’s Trip to Scotland – Dinky’s – The Shetland Fiddler
bbb108.bbb2 Altan/Johnny’s Wedding – Rogues’s Reel – Gravel Walk
bbb109.bbb2 De Dannan/Mulvihill’s – Mulqueen’s
bbb110.bbb2 De Dannan/The Bantry Girls’ Lament
bbb111.bbb2 De Dannan/The Rights of Men – The Pride of Petravore
bbb112.bbb2 De Dannan/Joe Doran’s – The Galway Rambler – Jerry Holland’s
bbb113.bbb2 De Dannan/Taim I Mo Shul
bbb114.bbb2 De Dannan/Unnamed Reels
bbb115.bbb2 Liam O’Flynn/The Westwind
bbb116.bbb2 Frankie Gavin, Liam O’Flynn, Dessie Wilkinson/The High Reel – The Monaghan Twig
bbb117.bbb2 Dessie Wilkinson/The Return of Spring – The Mountain Pathway
bbb118.bbb2 Frankie Gavin, Liam O’Flynn, Dessie Wilkinson/The Maids of Mount Cisko – Kitty Gone A-Milking
bbb119.bbb2 Frankie Gavin/The Moving Pint – Dog Little – Dog Big
bbb120.bbb2 Frankie Gavin, Liam O’Flynn, Dessie Wilkinson/I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave – Paddy High’s Jig
bbb121.bbb2 Frankie Gavin/The Wheels of the World
bbb122.bbb2 Liam O’Flynn/By The River of Gems

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part 2

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