The creation of the world: a Cornish mystery

the creation of the world a cornish mystery?

The creation of the world: a Cornish mystery
Author: Stokes W., Jordan W. Gwreans an Bys.
Publisher: Williams and Norgate
Publication date: 1864
Number of pages: 206
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 2,5 MB

The text of the ‘Creation’, the Cornish drama now printed, was, like the poem of the ‘Passion’, which forme part of our last volume, thrust forth on the world by Mr. Davies Gilbert. In the case of the ‘Creation’, as in that of the ‘Passion’, Mr. Gilbert interpaged the Cornish text with an English version by John Keigwin. So erroneous is Mr. Gilbert’s book, in text as well as in translation, that no argument seems needed to justify the Philological Society in printing a corrected edition of the only important relic of Cornish literature which, since the late publication of the Passion, has been unattainable in a trustworthy form.


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