the gaelic-english dictionary a dictionary of scottish gaelic?
The Gaelic-English Dictionary
Author: Colin B.D. Mark
Publisher: Routledge/Curzon
Number of pages: 880
Publication date: 2003-02-28
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780415297608
Quality: Excellent
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 5.5 Mb

This Scots, Gaelic-English Dictionary fulfils a keenly-felt need for a modern, comprehensive dictionary. The numerous examples of usage and idiom in this work have been modelled on examples culled from modern literature, and encompass many registers ranging from modern colloquial speech, to more elaborate literary constructions. The many contemporary terms and idiomatic phraseology, often not available in other dictionaries, provide excellent models for easier language learning. In addition to the main dictionary, this volume contains twelve useful appendices, covering the various parts of speech, as well as more difficult issues such as how to express time, direction and numerals. The clarity of the design and layout of the volume will greatly ease the process of attaining mastery of the Gaelic language.


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