Cantonese Basic Language Survival Kit

cantonese basic language survival kit?

Cantonese Basic Language Survival Kit
Format: pdf, mp3, swf files
Size: 560mb
Target language: Chinese (Cantonese)
Source languages: English

This Language Survival Kit is intended to provide survival-level language skills needed for basic communication to members of any contingency force deployed to an area where the target language is spoken. It contains a printable PDF of the Language Survival Guide and the accompanying audio files. It contains words and phrases that have been found to be the most useful.
This language guide contains the following topics:

* Commands, Warnings and Instructions
* Helpful Words, Phrases and Questions
* Greetings/Introductions
* Interrogation
* Numbers/Days of the Week/Time
* Directions/Locations/Descriptions
* Emergency Terms
* Food and Sanitation
* Fuel and Maintenance
* Medical/General & Medical/Body Parts
* General Military & Military Ranks
* Lodging, Occupations
* Customs (Port of Entry)
* Relatives, Weather

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
mirror Part 1
mirror Part 2
mirror Part 3
mirror Part 4

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