China’s Monguor Minority: Ethnography and Folktales

China’s Monguor Minority: Ethnography and Folktales
Author: Kevin Stuart and Limusishiden
Publisher: Sino-Platonic Papers
Publication date: 1994
Number of pages: 193
Format: PDF / excellent
Size: 15,5 MB

The Monguor’ numbered more than 191,000 in 1990 (Zhang and Zeng 1993: 62). They lived in five enclaves–four in eastern Qinghai Province (Koko Nor) and one in western Gansu Province.
Significant cultural and linguistic differences separate these groups. Monguor from different areas speak Chinese or Tibetan as a common language when they meet. Within individual enclaves, substantial variations in both language and cultural activities are evident.
There are three parts to this material. Part One is a study of the Monguor begun in the 1950s as part of a larger effort to study all minority nationalities in China. Part Two presents a number of cultural materials, mostly written by Monguor, and Part Three is devoted to folktales.
In the “References” section I have listed the materials cited in this manuscript and other materials related to the Monguor. Interested readers may pursue more detailed information by consulting these materials.


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