Iche Manzhu Nikan Gisun Kamchibuha Buleku Bithe

manchu chinese dictionary man han da cidian?
Iche Manzhu Nikan Gisun Kamchibuha Buleku Bithe
(New Manchu Chinese Dictionary)
Publisher: Xinjiang Minority Publishing House
Author: Hu Zengyi et al.
ISBN: 7228024044
Publication date: 1994
Number of pages: 1018
Format: PDG images > PDF (decent quality)
Size: 38.6 MB
Source languages: Manchu, Chinese

This is the largest Manchu Chinese dictionary available with more than 35,000 entries and lots of examples of actual usage. Unfortunately it is only in Chinese. I was finally able to convert the PDG graphic files I had; the quality is not ideal but legible and this is a difficult book to find anywhere outside of Urumqi or specialized libraries.


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