Reading Chinese Script : A Cognitive Analysis

reading chinese script a cognitive analysis?
Reading Chinese Script : A Cognitive Analysis
Author: Jian Wang
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
Publication date: 1999
Number of pages: 307
Format: ePub / excellent
Size: 1.75 MB

This book examines the reading of Chinese text from a cognitive perspective; that is, it attempts to determine the nature of mental processes and structures that are used to assign meaning to Chinese character symbols during reading. A similar perspective was assumed in several other recently edited books, although we feel that this book is unique in at least two aspects. First, it focuses on the use and role of morphological knowledge. This differs from earlier volumes that focused on the role of phonology (although several of the current chapters either directly refer to or have implications for the representation of phonological knowledge). Second, the book includes a relatively large proportion of chapters with contributors from mainland China who have traditionally emphasized the study of meaning-related processes. Earlier volumes primarily featured contributors from outside the mainland.


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