Diksyone Angle Kreyòl (English-Kreyol Dictionary)

diksyone angle kreyol english-kreyol dictionary?
Diksyone Angle Kreyòl (English-Kreyol Dictionary)
Author: Vilsaint, Fequiere
Publisher: Educa Vision Inc.
Publication date: 1991
Number of pages: 294
Format: pdf > rar
Size: 3.342 mb
Target language: Haitian
Source languages: English

Diksyone Angle-Kreyòl is an active effort of several people living in Haiti (North, South, Port-Au-Prince and Artibonite); in the United States (New York, Miami, Louisiana, Tampa, West Palm) in Canada (Montréal). Above all it is a Haitian collective work, Creole Is the language of all Haitians… I organized, funded and coordinate the actions, collect the data and prepare two documents: a) Engllsh-Kreyòl dictionary and b) Kreyòl-English dictionary.


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