Wortubuku ini Sranan Tongo – Sranan Tongo English Dictionary

Wortubuku ini Sranan Tongo – Sranan Tongo English Dictionary
Author: John Wilner
Publisher: Summer Institute of Linguistics Paramaribo, Suriname
Number of pages: 204
Format: PDF – zip – Excellent Quality
Size: 1.305 MB

This dictionary project has two purposes. First, it is intended as a help for language learners. It goes beyond the wordlists which are currently available by noting the various senses which words in Saran Tongo have, and by including idioms which give the language its unique flavor but prove to be so baffling to the newcomer. Secondly, it is intended as part of a synchronic description of the language.
That is to say, it seeks to represent how Sranan Tongo is spoken today. Words which have fallen out of
usage are either not included or are marked as being archaic.
Our intention from the outset of the project has been to publish what we have at regular intervals. We
have several reasons for doing this. Our primary reason is that we hope in this way to get comments and
suggestions from a number of people and to enlist their help in improving the dictionary. A second
reason for printing regularly is that we are committed to making available to everyone the information
we have gathered. It is our sincere desire that people will find this dictionary helpful and interesting, in
spite of its incompleteness.
A sister edition of this dictionary has been produced for Dutch speakers. It has the same purpose and
covers the same Sranan Tongo words.


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