Chita Pa Bay. Elementary Readings in Haitian Creolewith Illustrated Dictionary.

chita pa bay?
Chita Pa Bay. Elementary Readings in Haitian Creole
with Illustrated Dictionary.

Author: Bryant C. Freeman
Publisher: Lawrence: University of Kansas Institute of Haitian Studies; Edisyon Bon Nouvèl Pòtoprens
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: 126 pp.
Format: pdf +mp3 > rar
Size: 21,3 mb
Target language: Haitian
Source languages: English

Abridged version of Jacques Roumain’s novel Gouverneurs de la Rosée (1945), a masterpiece of Haitian literature that has been translated into no fewer than seventeen languages and was the subject of an award-winning film. Also included is a selection of jokes and riddles, some simple arithmetic problems, and a glossary.


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