Kreyòl Ayisyen or Haitian Creole (“Creole French”)

Kreyòl Ayisyen or Haitian Creole (“Creole French”)
Author: Michael de Graff
Publisher: Battlebridge Publications
Publication date: N.A.
Number of pages: 30

Format / Quality: PDF / pre-publication draf – excellent
Size: 901 KB


Kreyòl Ayisyen, or Haitian Creole (“Creole French”)
Michael de Graff
30 pages – 901 KB

Michel DeGraff is a native speaker of one of the Port-au-Prince dialects of Haitian Creole, and is
currently Associate Professor of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the
Department of Linguistics & Philosophy.
This article will appear, after copy-editing, in:
Comparative Creole Syntax
Edited by John Holm & Peter Patrick
Westminster Creolistics Series, Battlebridge Publications
(London U.K.)

1. Unmarked Verbs
2. Anterior (or Past) Tense
3. Progressive Aspect
4. Habitual Aspect
5. Completive Aspect
6. Irrealis Mode
7. Other Combinations and Verbal Markers
8. Complementizers
9. Dependent Clauses
10. Negation
11. Passive
12. Adjectives: Verbs?
13. The Copula
14. Serial Verbs
15. Noun Phrase
16. Possession
17. Pronouns: case distinction
18. Coordinative Conjunctions
19. Prepositions
20. Miscellaneous

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