Culture and Customs of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

culture and customs of the czech repunblic and slovakia?

Culture and Customs of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Publisher: Greenwood Press
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 0–313–33412–9
Number of pages: 217
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 1,3MB

Czechs and Slovaks never tire of pointing out that Prague lies to the west of Vienna and is closer to Dublin than Moscow. The Czech Republic and Slovakia lie at the very center of Europe, yet because of their forty-year imprisonment behind the iron curtain, westerners associate the two countries with eastern rather than western Europe. On the other hand, nowadays one often reads in the Czech and Slovak press about a “return to Europe,” which suggests the two countries are not as central to Europe as they might wish. In fact, the fortunes of the Czechs and Slovaks at the crossroads of Europe have been uneven, and the numerous and subsequent invasions by Hapsburgs, Nazis, Soviets, and western tourists have more than once threatened the two countries with extinction. Today, they are shaking off the smothering cloak of Communism and forging full steam ahead into the twenty-first century.

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