A Concise Grammar of the Dutch Language

a concise grammar the dutch language?A Concise Grammar of the Dutch Language
Author: J. M. Hoogvliet and Kern
Publisher: Trübner
Publication date: 1875
Number of pages: 201
Format: pdf
Size: 3,1 MB

Introduction A. Practical Part. Page.1 I. Pronunciation II. Most elementary principles of grammar III. The parable of the Wineyard in Dutch VI. Parsing of the parable of the Wineyard V.On spelling 5 9 19 20 24 B.Theoretical Part. Grammar. I. The substantive 28 1 The number.2 The gender.3 Compound substantives.4 Eormation of diminutives.5 Formation of the feminine. II. The adjective 36 1 Formation and derivation of adjectives.2


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