Get Talking Dutch In Ten Days + CD

get talking dutch in ten days?
Get Talking Dutch In Ten Days + CD
Author(-s): Owen M.
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication date: 2012
Number of pages: 34
Format: PDF, TXT, MP3, RAR / Excellent
Language: English, Dutch
Size: 43.9 MB

Get Talking Dutch: When travelling, do you want to journey off the English-speaking path, meet people and communicate easily? If so then you need to Get Talking. Through 10 common scenarios plus culture and travel advice, you’ll learn the skills for understanding and the confidence to speak Dutch in just 10 days. Practise the most frequent words and expressions for:
– Making friends;
– Meeting a new colleague;
– Making the train;
– Taking a bus;
– Having a coffee;
– Having a pancake;
– Going shopping;
– Shopping for clothes;
– Being ill;
– Responding when the doctor calls.

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